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Smarter. Not Harder.

      I approach every project and each day's activities like a serious athlete might think about a game or competition. I’m not reflecting on yesterday's events or the thousands of tasks and projects I’ve completed in my life. Couldn’t remember them all if I tried! Nor am I stewing over tomorrow's activities or the upcoming project scheduled for next week or next month. I'm focused only on the task at hand and the safest and most practical or efficient way to maximize results for that day’s work.


Cedar fence. June 2019.
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Lattice project w/ gate; April 2019
Lattice project w/ vinyl trim and gate; April 2019
Big Lattice Project
Plastic lattice with vinyl trim. Never rots, never has to be painted. This is only half of it. Also installed new vinyl screening system on porch. October 2017.
Deck, painted
August 2017. Freestanding. Customer showed me a picture of what she wanted and that's what she got.
Bathroom Remodel
Demolition/removal of 1970's built-in bathroom vanity and hardwood floor, replaced with marble tile and marble-top vanity with feet. July 2017.
Interior painting
Biggest painting project ever (by far), and second-biggest all-time. 3800 square feet, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, every nook, every cranny. 13 different colors. Over $1000 worth of paint. 3600 linear feet of masking tape. 9-, 12- and 18-foot ceilings with barrels, wainscoting and hundreds of feet of crown molding. 290 manhours. Worked 33 hours straight at the very end; customer was scheduled to move in the next morning. Georgetown. June 2017 (date in picture is incorrect.)
Backing for dartboard
Customer let me design it and pick out materials. November 2016.
Vinyl porch screening system
Durable, attractive, weather-resistant. Makes replacing torn screen very easy. May 2017.
Deck rebuild
The only thing I didn't replace was the frame. Even the posts are new. October 2016.
Wainscoting (the paneled kind from Home Depot), chair rail, baseboard, and quarter-round, calked and painted. 4 walls. May 2016.
29 feet of new sidewalk
29 feet of new sidewalk. March 2016
60 feet of new curb
60 feet of new curb. March 2016
Privacy fence w/ gate
Privacy fence w/ gate. May 2015
Shelves in a van.
Customer makes and sells pottery. This apparatus will hold his display tables that he takes to art fairs, etc.. February 2016
Running plastic conduit.
Customer wanted additional lighting in garage. First time running conduit. It's actually very easy to work with. Feb. 2016.
Closet (1 of 2)
Bedroom closet w/ double doors, trim, crown molding (Georgetown). Fall 2015
Closet (2 of 2)
Bedroom closet w/ double doors, trim, crown molding (Georgetown). Fall 2015
Concrete Steps.
Lexington. Winter 2015. First time doing this. Didn't turn out too bad.
1st major deck. Customer requested no hand rails. This was a unique project. I had to build the deck over a cellar door and install a concealed door above for access. Summer 2013
Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash
Ceramic mosaic backsplash
Planter Boxes
"Trapezoidal Treehouse/Deck"
Now there's something you don't see every day. The customer wanted a trapezoid-shaped deck attached to the house on one side and to a tree on the other. 2013
12x24 tiles.
12"x24" ceramic tiles on a wood floor. Very challenging. The floor must be solid and perfectly level in every direction or the tiles will break after installation. This was an older house on Woodland Av. with crooked, sagging floors. I had to tear out the old hardwood and subfloor and build a new, level floor with 2x6 joists and plywood, just to install tile. No cracks yet! Summer 2015
Interior trim work
Finished a closet with wood siding and cedar trim. 2014.
Subdivision entrance. Landscaping and yard clean-up is a huge part of my business during the Spring and Summer.
...and after
Subdivision entrance. Landscaping and yard clean-up is a huge part of my business during the Spring and Summer. 2014.
Interior trim work
Trimmed out windows with cedar. 2014.
Rubber laminate flooring
Wood laminate is history! 2015.
...and after
New everything. 2012
Vinyl Siding
This was a unique request, installing insulation, plastic and siding over the floor joists below an enclosed patio. Now I know how Michelangelo must have felt painting the Sistine Chapel. 2013
Plywood cabinets
There are two distinct classes of furniture construction - 'rough carpentry' and 'fine furniture building.' I do not build fine furniture. 2013
Hardwood floors refinished
Tied with stumps, the most satisfying thing I've done. Newly refinished floors are mesmerizing. 2011.
...and after.
...and after. 2012.
Tree removal
Biggest tree take-down to date. Due to my lack of experience with trees of this size at the time, I underbid and misjudged this project by so much, that by the time I finished, I made $8/hr. after expenses - but only because the customer decided to keep the firewood. 'The Project I Practically Did for Free.' But, it gave me an excuse to go buy the monster chainsaw I always wanted. 2014
Crown molding
On 12-ft. ceilings over brick and plaster. Nothing completes a room like crown molding. 2012.
Paver Patio
Out with the old...
Out with the old...
...in with the new.
...in with the new. 2012.
French doors with storm door
Stump extraction
My biggest stump project ever. Extraction time plus clean-up: 23 hours. The shavings from a stump grinder will leave a permanent dead spot in your yard the size of a limousine. 2012.
Stump extraction (cont.)
In centuries past, men and women alike performed this kind of work every day of their lives with only basic hand tools. In my opinion, the moral fabric of our society today would be stronger if we still did. Love my ax-and-shovel projects! Challenging, but more rewarding than I can put into words. 2012
Hands down, the most complex object I have ever built or assembled. 8 zillion different types of screws and bolts. 2012.
Plumbing repair
Main water valve, 1920's house. Let's Insulate those water lines before winter! 2013.
Cleaning and Remodeling
Rehabbing an apartment. The tenant was a cat lover and terrible hoarder and died in the apartment. Owner had to have the apartment professionally detoxed and a lot of drywall cut out. In cleaning out the apartment and filling up a 30-yard dumpster to the top, I got sick for two days with mold poisoning, which is probably how the tenant met his demise as well. 2014.
Custom tile work
Made with scraps from another project. Waste not. 2011
Two of my favorite toys
Fenceline clean-up project. Approximately a ton - literally - of stumps, vines, and weeds. I've hauled bigger loads than this, too. 2014
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Hardwood floors refinished

Tied with stumps, the most satisfying thing I've done. Newly refinished floors are mesmerizing. 2011.