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     In this business, the road to wealth is paved with cheap help, but it completely contradicts my personality and methodology. I do NOT employ a crew, helper, assistant, secretary, billing department, estimating department, advertising agency, web designer, answering service, accountant, social media manager, supervisor, staff, archivist, bookkeeper, recorder, reporter, transcriptionist, annalist, chronicler, documenter, historian, registrar, scribe, clerk, gofer, attendant, handmaiden, scullion, servant, auxiliary, legman, subordinate, underling, employee, hireling, laborer, swamper, yes-man, drudge, gandy dancer, grub, hack, jobber, toiler, nine-to-fiver, wage-earner, workman, workwoman, cog, flunky, temp, jobholder, clock-watcher, good-for-nothing, goof-off, idler, laggard, shirker, malingerer, right-hand man, aide-de-camp, girl Friday, man Friday, apprentice, deputy, lieutenant, mate, sidekick, associate, colleague, co-worker, outfit, team, army, brigade, battalion, company, platoon, troop, squad, life coach, personal trainer, bodyguard, mark-up artist, campaign manager, yacht captain or limo driver.


     All labor, consultations and administrative tasks are performed or conducted by me and me alone.                                                                                     


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